Lal Bhadhur Shastri College,
Ganj Basoda

  welcome to the offical website of Shri Lal Bhadhur Shastri College, Ganj Basoda.
 Fees Structure :-
  The fee structure of College is being classified in different categories
          1) Govt Fees
          2) Non Govt Fees
          3) College Fees
          4) University Fees, Student Union, Cultural Programmes
 Every student who takes admission in the College has to pay the fees at once in the time of admission for 12 months. The fees structure is as follows:-
 Courses Fees :-
   Boys                               Girls
 B.A/ B.Com Plain I year Rs 4355                        Rs 4155
 B.A./ B.Com Plain II, III year Rs 3700                        Rs 3500
 B.A. (Computer) I year Rs 6555                        Rs 6355 
 B.A. (Computer) II, III year Rs 5900                        Rs 5700
 B.Com (Computer) I year Rs 7855                        Rs 7355
 B.Com (Computer) II, III year Rs 7200                        Rs 6700
 LL.B ( I, II, III) Rs 6275                        Rs 5975
 M.A. (Geography) I, II Rs 4575                        Rs 4250
 M.A. (Hindi) I, II  Rs 4075                        Rs 3750
 M.A. (Political Sci.) I, II Rs 4075                        Rs 3750        
 M.Com I,II Rs 4075                        Rs 3750
 PGDCA Rs 8275                        Rs 8275
 B.C.A I year Rs 10155                      Rs 9655
B.C.A. II year Rs 9600                        Rs 9100
B.C.A. III year Rs 10100                      Rs 9600
M.Sc ( CS) I, II Rs 15055                      Rs 14555
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